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    Post 4 Mistakes That Hurt Your Crowdfunding Campaign!

    Today I found an interesting article, which I want to share with crowdfunding community.
    Here are four potential mistakes to avoid.
    #1: Starting off too slow

    If you want to hit your fundraising goal by the end of the campaign, experts recommend focusing on raising 30 percent of it in the first two or three days. That's what research shows successful campaigns tend to do.

    To make sure donors flock, get your inner circle of supporters-friends, parents, siblings and other die-hard fans-to contribute immediately upon the launch, experts say. You have to show there is some interest.

    #2: Putting the campaign on autopilot

    Many entrepreneurs think that viral crowdfunding campaigns happen on their own. Not so, say experts. Many of the most successful crowdfunders made all-out effort by a start-up's founders or hired professional marketers to do outreach. Don't expect to mobilize bloggers to spread the word on one day's notice if you have not taken the time to cultivate their interest ahead of time.

    Before you even launch a campaign, get active in social communities and figure out how to use public relations, search engine optimization and other outreach so you capture the attention of bloggers and other influencers. To make a very successful crowdfunding project, you have to figure out in advance who is going to spread the message.

    #3: Forgetting to ask for money

    Many crowdfunders put so much time into creating campaign materials, like videos, that they neglect to do something crucial: They forget to ask people for a donation or investment.

    #4: Assuming supporters are altruistic

    Crowdfunders need to offer attractive rewards to supporters to encourage them to tap into your idea. If people are going to give you money, you want to give them something in return that they really, really want.

    Some of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns have functioned almost like an e-commerce store, taking pre-orders. One good way to revive a campaign that's slowing is to add some new perks instead of hammering your supporters with the same old campaign materials.
    More you can read here:

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    Great post. Will definately have this in mind. Thanks

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    This post has been moved to the CrowdFunding Project Manager Tips, Advice, Strategies, etc section.

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