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    A new animated series to educate and inspire kids!

    Hey everyone,

    After 9 months of planning, we're really chuffed to have launched a campaign to generate funding for our newest project - Beke and Zee. It's an animated series for kids (and big kids!), with adventure, intrigue, curiosity, and learning, aiming to entertain and educate at the same time. Think of a blend between Scooby Doo, Disney, and Horrible Histories and you're about there!

    Beke, and his bird companion Zee, travel the world, and through history, as they try to stop the evil Talon from taking over the world. We want to inspire a sense of wonder and a want to learn in children, seeing and exploring things they might not at school - amazing places like Venice and China, and histories of objects like Faberge Eggs and the Mona Lisa (did you know it was once stolen?!)

    Thanks for taking interest, to find out more check out the campaign page here -

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    Nice work. Hope you guys reach your goal!

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    Looking great!

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    Hmm, it looks interesting but I'm not sure it has enough appeal to it.

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