I am trying to help my partner finish her degree after she fell behind due to being in hospital because of her Crohn's Disease. Please aid me in my efforts to support my partner as she works to finish her English Language BA degree after she fell behind due to being constantly in and out of hospital (on many occasions it has been for extended periods of time). She has undergone bowel surgery to combat her Crohn's Disease, as well as persistent bouts of severe sickness and general poor health. Her past employers could not keep her on as she was in hospital for so long and she has been unable to acquire employment since.

I have tried to support her as best as I could, but with an outstanding 4,500 needed to finish her degree and maintain living within travelling distance of her university, I cannot fully support her as I have only been able to fund a little over half of that from my own hard work. She receives low funding from the government, and her family has a low income and lives far away from her. I have looked to this means of support as a final effort to help her pursue her dreams. I would not dream of asking one individual to donate a huge amount, but if everyone gave just a little, collectively we can make a massive difference for her. She has suffered in this poor state of health since she was 11 years old, while simultaneously caring for her mother who had MS, and it has held her back through school and college, but I do not want her illness to rob her of this chance to have the life she wants so desperately.

She wishes to use her degree to pursue a career as a speech language therapist, an ambition I think we can all agree on as being noble and beneficial to all she may help during her career. She is not aware that I am doing this, as I don't want to get her hopes up, I would like to surprise her with a chance to turn the tables on her academic obstacles. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I appreciate any help you can give more than mere words on a webpage can convey.

With the kindest of regards,
Andrew W.