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    Are crowdfunding campaigns really within reach? A young enterprising or a group can really hope to get funds with a project launched on kickstarter, indiegogo etc ..?

    I mean ... if marketing is such an essential part in the success of these campaigns, what hopes are for people who, despite having an excellent project, do not have the knowledge and / or skills to promote projects in the ways you mentioned?
    And above all, though I have a good network and good marketing devices in the geographic area where I work, How do I run my campaign in other geographic areas?
    For example, I work in Italy. All my networks are in Italy. How can all of this work on a platform that is targeted and works particularly in America?
    All the dynamics you describe, I believe, make the crowdfunding platforms inadequate to the opportunities of young people who promote good projects but who do not have the capital available
    How can my inner circle be useful to a campaign that is on a global platform?

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    To make crowdfunding campaign successful we have to follow few important steps like

    Plan the campaign before 6 months.
    Decide your targets for campaign (how much funding you expect from the campaign)
    Researching a right crowdfunding platform which will suit my campaign.
    Contacting Backers through twitter, linkedin and crowdfunding website
    Producing a great video (detailed) and promote on Social Media
    Press Release for campaign
    Guest Post for campaign
    Article Posting on own blog or on article website
    PPT creation and submission
    Infograph creation and submission
    This are the few things we can use to make our crowdfunding campaign successful

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markallen View Post
    Pretty much everything involved in a successful crowdfunding campaign needs to happen before you press "launch." Your success or failure is almost entirely dependent on pre-campaign preparation.

    Here is a rough checklist.
    Get your personal/professional network built. These are the people that are going to back and promote your project, so make sure they remember who you are. Lots of personal interaction helps.
    Start doing media outreach. All those bloggers, journalists or reviewers? If you send them your project blind, they will add it to that mountain of blind submissions, never to be heard from again. If you can instead reference previous interaction or times you've helped them market, you have a foot in.
    Prepare your project. Create an excellent video, great media, top notch rewards, excellent copy. Bounce it off a lot of people to get feedback.
    Map out your campaign strategy and make a pre-launch checklist. Figure out who you are going to reach out to, and when. Prep your inner circle and let them know when you're going to need their networking support.
    Plan your updates, update schedule, flex rewards, and backup media campaign in case your planned media campaign goes south. Decide the length of your campaign based on this. Remember, longer is not better. A short, well run, energetic campaign has a much greater chance of success than a long but poorly executed one.
    Figure out your launch day event. I usually suggest an in - person event, but a virtual one works too. Whatever it is, it should be good. It should be designed to get a maximum number of donors right away (within the first hour.) Day 1 is the most important day of your campaign. If you aren't significantly funded by Day 1 and don't have a lot of traction, your chance of success plummets.

    All that done? Good, you are ready to launch your campaign. Good luck!
    Great comment. I definitely enjoyed reading this one. I personally think that crowdfunding is a much more difficult platform to invest compared to the stock market. The level of uncertainty is too high.

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    When I've been preparing one online project, I found an ultimate checklist.
    Follow these steps:
    1. Run a Pre-Launch Campaign
    2. Legal & Taxes (make sure to set up an LLC for your project)
    3. Social Media presence
    4. Research and Picking the Right Platform
    5. Set Funding Goal
    6. Set Reward Tiers
    7. Craft Your Story
    8. Make a Video
    9. Secure the First 30%
    10. Prepare PR & Media Outreach

    Hope it'd be useful for you

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