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    [Kickstarter]*BadFella - Shocking Culture Clothing

    Hi there friends! Iím the founder of BadFella, which is thought to be a clothing brand (mainly t-shirts).

    This came as an early thought when somebody called me "jaded". I thought: "Hey! Maybe I'm actually the kind of jaded guy that hates nearly everything he's surrounded by". This thought along with my passion for designing and the fact that I'm tired of political correctness led me to think about printing my designs on t-shirts so that everybody who thinks the way I do can wear messages like these all around the world.

    It is not a very ambitious project, but it is something I really love. The brand is thought to be something shocking, so it might be a little bit controversial for some people. It is not a brand for everybody, only for people with these kind of thoughts, people who want to change somehow the society of political correctness.

    I don't want to take more time from you guys. Take a look on it! 😊

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    good luck i will keep an eye on this one

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