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    Has anybody used Kickbooster?


    Has anybody used or recommends Kickbooster. I'm 50% of my campaign and still more that 20 days to go.

    Any recommendations?

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    No but seen it can be productive if u advertise with many other blogs

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    How does it work?

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    Yes, we have some backers referred by Kickbooster. I can see them both on Kickstarter dashboard and also Kickbooster dashboard. Even I've noticed some of our existing backers are active there and shared our project through Kickbooster platform. I see a lot of potential there with reasonable price. They just ask for 13% of the fund raised through their website, which 10% goes to boosters. I am trying to make it even more productive.

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    I have never try it before but i know it really works well,i have read much about it. and you can try other platforms as well.

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    No, never heard about it

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    What's it for?

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    I use Kickbooster and it worked nicely for our last campaign. The way it works is you set up your campaign on it and set up an affiliate % that you will pay to everyone who share your campaign and brings supporters. It is basically an affiliate marketing platform and there are a few ways you can use it.

    - Send your existing backers there and ask them to share the word about your campaign on their social media or email contacts and they will receive 10% of all purchases brought by their own link (for example).
    - Invite influencers to view your Kickbooster page and create their personal link to share. Make sure their audience is also your audience and with their help you can get a lot of sales!
    - Some publications also use Kickbooster. Pitch reporters an affiliate story, which means they would write about your product and also many commission on anyone who buys from their story.

    Its is a useful tool, but you still need to market it. If you need help marketing your campaign (for a hardware product), contact me via my website ( I offer a full set of services from lead generation to PR, Facebook ads, video production and others.

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    3 is legit. That is the only one that works, the rest are just copies of the .me website.

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