We just launched a new titanium bottle opener as part of the Kickstarter “All in 1” promotion they are running throughout March. Rules are that you get a seven day campaign period and only one product/reward tier. Our entry is Brew Soldier, a Grade 5 Titanium bottle opener that is the width and length of a standard house key. Its titanium construction and eagle grip tooth allows the opener to secure itself underneath the cap ensuring that you are locked on every time. Since we are only allowed to have one reward tier and no stretch goals we decided to add on the Orbital Grey color, a previous stretch goal for Pry.Me, as standard on every opener. We have our sights on shipping rewards out between April 17-19 as we hit our timeline goals with Pry.Me and are determined to one better for Brew Soldier. Brew Soldier is available now until March 27th for $12 with Free Domestic Shipping and $5 International Shipping at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...-bottle-opener