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    Lack of data on equity crowdfunding / peer-to-business lending


    My team is currently working on a quite extensive equity crowdfunding / p2b lending report 2016, in cooperation with several academics from leading European finance universities. One of the topics that we plan to address in the paper is the lack of information, data and analytical tools on equity crowdfunding and peer-to-business lending opportunities globally.

    Would very appreciate if you could provide your thoughts on what data or analytical tools you would be willing to use or you see missing when i.e. considering your investment in this new form of investment.

    Hope to have a constructive discussion.

    Thank you,


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    I am doing an academical research on crowdfunding whose purpose is to better understand which are the factors that drive people to invest in crowdfunding and which are the factors that demotivate them from using it. The survey takes 5 minutes and it can be important to understand crowdfunding a bit better. I would be very thankful if you could fulfil it:

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