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    GAME LOOT NETWORK : The Ultimate Social Gaming Community : Launches $1M Funding Round

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    What is Game Loot Network?

    Well, simply put, Game Loot Network is the next evolution in mobile gaming.

    Let me tell you a story. When I was a kid, my friends and I would spend hours upon hours at the local arcade competing against each other to win prizes and tokens and trinkets. To be honest, we were totally addicted and it didn't matter that the prizes weren't worth very much. What mattered was that we were competing and playing games with each other and that we were winning something.

    Even today, this model is thriving throughout the world. Not only are there arcades still in existence on practically every single boardwalk, but we also have Dave and Busters, a modern day arcade where your gameplay turns into tickets and you redeem those tickets for cool stuff.

    Here's the thing I couldn't understand. Why hadn't someone created this experience in the mobile gaming industry? Wouldn't it be incredible if you could play your favorite mobile games with your friends? How cool would it be to challenge your buddies head to head? What if you could enter tournaments again people all around the world, while playing mobile games that you love on your smartphone or tablet? And then, after you have had a great time playing your favorite games with your closest friends - and some new ones you met in the tournament - you could take your tickets and redeem them for cool stuff? Wouldn't that be incredible?

    That's when Game Loot Network was born.

    Mobile gaming is currently over a $40 billion a year industry. Revenues are exploding on a trajectory that eclipses other industries. But, despite the revenue explosion, despite the millions of new gamers that download their first game everyday, despite the billions being spent, the experience is mostly a solitary one that leads to fun, it leads to killing time, but it doesn't lead to real stuff.

    Until Now :-)

    Play games, have fun, compete against others, win Cool Stuff. Sounds awesome doesn't it. That's Game Loot Network.

    Game Loot Network has grown from just an idea to a thriving and vibrant community of mobile gamers and mobile game developers. Since that very first day, we have assembled a tremendous team of seasoned, successful, passionate and highly experienced professionals who have guided this mission through several critical phases.

    Since our official launch on June 1st, 2016, through the end of that calendar year, Game Loot Network grossed over $5,000,000. That was our first official 7 months and that was just the beginning.

    We are already available in over 100 countries - and we invite YOU to be a part of the mobile gaming revolution. In order that we be truly prepared, we have worked with the incredible team at Blue Moon Advisors to achieve the coveted 925 Blue Moon Capital Readiness Score and we are very excited to offer a limited amount of shares Game Loot Network for those who want to partner with us as we expand the ultimate gaming community to every corner and every mobile device throughout the world.

    It's Time To Power-UP,

    Lance Baker
    Founder & President
    Game Loot Network

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    Reserving this spot to answer any questions or inquiries.

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    All these people look so excited playing games! Probably newbies.

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