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    I have a good idea for startupers!

    Many people do not have money to assist in raising funds for the project. But there is time and desire. I recommend you to ask people for a help and involve them in cooperation.
    The main platforms for this approach are Tweeter and Facebook.
    I have a Twitter account at which we can discuss more this idea!
    Crowdfunding is amazing, this area is growing exponentially.
    Let's do it better my friends. And I waiting for real creators and their ideas.
    So, do we really need it?

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    Not really sure what you are talking about but if you have something useful to talk about which may help people then please post it here.
    I understand you are probably only looking divert people to your Twitter account but it's not really the place to do that.
    There are plenty of people here that offer, at great length, very in-depth advice and help, hopefully you will share your good ideas here in the forum?

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