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    Mad World Film - What questions do you have regarding mental health?

    Hi there!

    We have launched a Crowdfunding campaign for 'Mad World', a documentary on mental health. What questions do you have regarding mental health? Is there anything you want answers to?

    With individuals affected by mental illness sharing their personal experiences and health professionals providing insight into some of the most complex conditions, the intention is to not only gain a better understanding of a subject that is so misunderstood but also to explore some of the more controversial views surrounding the topic.

    We have already received support from leading mental health ambassadors and are lucky to have an incredible line-up of interviewees ready to share their experiences, who are every bit as passionate about reducing the stigma surrounding mental health as we are. Our interviewees include Jonny Benjamin MBE, Bryony Gordon and Rachel Kelly.

    In 'Mad World' we will be using animation to tell a metaphorical story throughout the film. The theme of the animation could be described as almost “apocalyptic”, playing on an unnatural wasteland vibe. In this animated world, everything is covered in shadows and people’s inner minds are clearly visible in their heads, displayed like the cogs in a clock. See our campaign page for more information.

    By pledging you are helping make the documentary, you will be a part of a film that will hopefully spread awareness for mental illness and help reduce the stigma that surrounds the subject.

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    What kind of theoretical background do you embrace as the foundation for the film?

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    It looks like you're based in the UK! Do you plan on telling the film from a British perspective, or will it be a world-wide perspective on mental health issues? Also, do you plan on focusing on some specific issues (anxiety, depression, types of assistance for each, etc.) or will it be a general film that broadly covers things?

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    Hi Pugpins,

    Thanks for your questions. Yes we are UK based so all our interviewees live in Britain. However we do feel that a lot of the topics we are investigating are universal issues so from that sense we will be approaching the subject from a world wide perspective.

    We are hearing from 5 individuals who have a different mental health condition. These are depression & anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, anorexia and OCD. We will be hearing about what therapies or medication has helped (if it has) these people specifically. We will then also be considering types of assistance in a broader sense but are using these cases to avoid being too general.

    Thanks, Mad World

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    UPDATE: Since our campaign went live we have secured a new interviewee, Adam Torr who is a founder of 'The Sides of March; a foundation set up to raise awareness of suicide, and we are excited to announce that our teaser trailer for the film will be released very soon as well as some alternative posters.

    Please do let us know if there are any questions you want answered in our documentary. We welcome any input and feedback.

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    Hey there! I love the idea of a mental health documentary, in fact my friend Katy is making one on her friend Lana! I'd love some help from another filmmaker here on my campaign as well though. It's about to end and I could really heavily use the help! It's at and I hate to self promote like these but we're in need of funds so pennies help too! Thanks a lot!

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