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    Lightbulb Here's how to spot a fake crowdfunding page

    More needs to be done to protect people from fraudulent crowdfunding pages, the Fundraising Regulator has exclusively told the BBC.
    It's after a fake JustGiving page was made for one of the Westminster terror attack victims.
    David Clarke, director of the Fraud Advisory Panel said the acts of fraud were "sickening".
    Another crowdfunding site, GoFundMe, has said that it will refund anyone that falls victim to these pages.
    More about read here:

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    There are some excellent tips on that page. It's sad when something that can be of great benefit gets misused fraudulently.

    Thanks for posting.

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    Not a Daily Sun article? Already excited. Thank you for sharing!

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    Yes thank you for the article.
    Sadly there are quite a lot of fraudulent campaigns out there and is it a little like the wild west.
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    It seems there is far more fraud on the personal crowdfunding sites compared to the crowdfunding sites.

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    that's interesting, I don't know that. Thanks for the tips!
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    Key information!

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