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    Although we don’t have a book of our advice, yet, here are some useful resources to help you start crowdfunding.

    What is Crowdfunding?

    How the Top 5 Online Fundraising Sites Compare

    Fundraising Strategy Template

    Medical Crowdfunding Guide

    How to Start a Fundraising Website or Blog

    How to Get Local Media to Cover Your Fundraiser

    Facebook Fundraising 101

    Viral Fundraising: Make the Most of Your Campaign’s Potential

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    Thanks. I will try to research on these topics

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    A Crowdfunder’s Strategy Guide

    The Crowdfunding Bible

    The Kickstarter Launch Formula

    Equity Crowdfunding: The Complete Guide For Startups And Growing Companies

    NonProfit Crowdfunding Explained

    Artist’s Guide to Crowdfunding Domination

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    There is lots of information regarding Crowdfunding. I believe that there are blogs on the web that can be just as useful as books. One blog which gives a detailed instruction about how to run a successful Crowdfunding campaign comes from Thrinacia:

    Kyle Tummonds - Customer Advocate
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    Thrinacia Inc.
    The CrowdFunding Infrastructure. Build, customize and operate CrowdFunding Websites, Widgets and Applications. Integrate with advanced CrowdFunding REST API's.

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    I actually found blogs and articles more useful than the book I tried reading about crowdfunding. I guess I will stick to blogs and good articles plus video clips about crowdfunding.

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