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    [KICKSTARTER] UNIMO "A Universe of Monsters"

    Hi we just released our first kickstarter campaign this saturday and we would Love to hear what you think about it!

    UNIMO "A Universe of Monsters" is simple, casual and easy to teach friends during a gathering. A fast paced and highly strategic tabletop card game, you have to become a monster in order to beat them! If you’re ready to unleash your inner demons then you’ve struck gold! The game is fit for ages 8 and up. One game is about 18 minutes, it can change depending on how many worlds and players there are. The Starter Kit is suitable for 2 to 4 players and with the Expansion Kit you can add 2 more. (With every player you should add one world.)

    UNIMO wouldn´t be here without our growing community! We want to include you as a gamer in the development of our game! We've had an ongoing poll on our webpage where you can vote for which worlds we should explore. We've also had an amazing fan art contest where we got over a 100 awesome contributions! This is something we will continue doing to find new collaborators for new worlds and making your visions a reality in UNIMO!

    Our creative team consists of illustrator Max Grecke known for his work with Blizzard and Riot games, and the award winning designstudio ADDI. All based in Kalmar Sweden. We love casual games that you can play with friends and family. The idea behind UNIMO sprung from the problem that we wanted a game that both was simple enough that you could learn it in just minutes without deep experience in RPGs, and still be complex enough to keep an experienced gamer interested.

    The greater support UNIMO receives the more monsters and worlds we will be able to bring to you. We will also develop a unique battle field Ipad app for you to play on, filled with detailed backstories for the different worlds and video tutorials explaining how to play.

    The manual will be translated to German, French, Spanish and Swedish .

    We promise you a mad, evil, funny and twisted experience.

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    Looks like lots of fun but it's not a correct forum branch for this kind of thread.

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