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    5 Ways You Are Using Twitter Incorrectly to Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign

    I've been guilty of and a victim of many of these

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    Sound advice. People use Twitter in the most bizarre ways outside of crowdfunding as well.

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    Twitter is really good to use for crowdfunding since it gives you viral effect

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    One of the best ways to take advantage of Twitter to promote your crowdfunding project is to follow your target audience and follow them. Set a day aside for this. Trust me, by the end of your chosen day, you'd have followed a good number of people. Most of them are likely to follow you back.

    Once they start following you back, take the time and twitt our useful information to them. A few of them will find you tweets relevant. This may motivate them to a look at your offers.

    Don't underestimate the above tip. It's simple but very effective. It's the same technique that I used to promote my product reviews website and it's working out well for me.

    Hope my advice works.

    I wish you good luck and success in your crowdfunding endeavors.

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    Salut les zouzous*!

    Lancement d'une nouvelle plateforme de finance participative «*Group-Hall*» ( ).

    Les porteurs de projets gèrent seul la finalité de l'argent collecté jusqu'en septembre. Ils peuvent décider de rembourser les dons ou renouveler leurs campagnes librement.
    En plus de ça, une aide de 25% si au moins 75% de votre objectif financier est atteint avec le système de crowdfunding.
    Lancé ce mois-ci par SFA, une association du sud de la France. Une banque gratuite est également en projet.

    J'espère avoir aidé. Peace...

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    Generally Twitter is most useful for crowdfunding if you have a following that is very active, interactive, and engaging with you on a regular basis. You need to be engaged with your followers, and they need to have a degree of loyalty to you. It helps if a number of these loyal supporters likewise have large networks, and are willing to promote your project to them.

    That said, I believe Twitter is one of the least effective social media promotion tools for crowdfunding. Unless you've really built a solid and loyal fan base, you probably will have trouble reaching potential backers via Twitter.

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