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    Lightbulb Seedrs: Gather Online - Opportunity to own a stake in a Fast growing social network

    Hi guys

    I am part of a team which is launch a new social media platform called Gather Online.

    I am very excited to post details about our crowd funding campaign, which we are currently running through Seedrs.

    As a bit of background, Gather Online is a fun fun new social media platform, which was launched 7 months ago out of Australia. We have grown faster then Snapchat during launch and we are hugely excited about our ability to expand the network globally.

    Check us out on

    This is your chance to own a piece of our company alongside big private investors, before we blow up, by supporting our crowd funding!

    Regards Mark Bryson
    COO Gather Online

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    It looks like you are already looking at being successful judging by the amount reached. Nice!

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    GatherOnline is a Startup Scam

    I was the lead developer of, my brother and I wrote most of the code for the website and applications they used to get investments. After they got the investments they fired both me and my brother without paying more than $110,000 in outstanding invoices.

    David Price and Michael Van Andel are scam artists, they scammed others before us and will continue to do so if we don't stop them. The person that wrote the first GatherOnline application for them, that they used to get the first $500k investment, is a Romanian college student, Alex Blaga, which was also scammed and got no payment for his work.
    They are funneling money out of the company using fake hires, roles that are useless for the company but are used to funnel investor's money, we found fake LinkedIn accounts for other alleged employees (more details in the article below). Most likely the people that are used to fill out these roles are also fake but not necessarily.

    All data showed on their Equity/Seedrs crowd funding page is fake, I have the database to prove all user statistics were faked and also the evaluation was done by a non existent person using a fake LinkedIn account.
    Please read more in the article I wrote, you can find the full email thread there:
    Most of the content on their website was added by freelancers hired on Upwork.

    Here are the 2 crowd funding websites they used:

    My brother and I together with another two former employees, that were also fired without notice and never got paid, will file a lawsuit against them, until then please be advised not to allow any other funding campaigns and if possible warn other crowdfunding campaigns of the nature of these two criminals.
    We will also email all their investors regarding what happened and their method of operation.

    I also want to add that I'm very disappointed on the screening process used by crowdfunding companies that allowed these 2 obvious crooks to steal more than $1 million from gullible investors. If they would have at least checked the fake LinkedIn profile of that so called valuation expert they would have realised it is all a scam. You have more details in the article I wrote.

    Please also read the article I wrote regarding them and act accordingly so others won’t end up in the situation we are right now together with more than 200 scammed investors.

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