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    Lightbulb Seedrs: Gather Online - Opportunity to own a stake in a Fast growing social network

    Hi guys

    I am part of a team which is launch a new social media platform called Gather Online.

    I am very excited to post details about our crowd funding campaign, which we are currently running through Seedrs.

    As a bit of background, Gather Online is a fun fun new social media platform, which was launched 7 months ago out of Australia. We have grown faster then Snapchat during launch and we are hugely excited about our ability to expand the network globally.

    Check us out on

    This is your chance to own a piece of our company alongside big private investors, before we blow up, by supporting our crowd funding!

    Regards Mark Bryson
    COO Gather Online

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    It looks like you are already looking at being successful judging by the amount reached. Nice!

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