Hello all!

I'm Brian, I am the founder of Brankiegames. For now, it is a small company, but we will grow bigger and bigger in the future.

My dream is to inspire people to be the best version of themselves.
I want people to get more healthy, an have as much fun as possible.
I want to do this through games. Games that kids will play in school with their teachers, games that parents will play with their children and just all kinds of people playing those together, while becoming wiser and healthier.

I hope that my games will spread across the globe, so that more and more people will get connected to eachother and become more healthy.

For now, I have one game ready. It is a Dutch game named "Ready Set Train! - The workoutgame". An active cardgame for 2-99 players. It's a game in which people do exercises together and solo. I've started a Kickstarterproject for the English version of the game. This will not be the last game that will get people more healthy

With kind regards!