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    Help me promote Ready Set Train! - The workoutgame (2-99 players), please

    Hi all,

    A few days ago I've started a Kickstarterproject named "Ready Set Train - The workoutgame".
    I want to change the world through games. Games that will inspire people to be the best version of themselves.
    With this first game, I want people to get healthier, while connecting people.
    People do exercises in this game, apart and together, so it's quite an unique game.
    And the game is playable with 2-99 players from all ages above 6, so many people can play it (together).
    But, I'm not really an expert with computers.
    Now, my Kickstarterproject isn't getting funded. People from The Netherlands (where I live) say that it's really a cool game, and many of them are buying the Dutch version. But they can't fund my game, since in The Netherlands very few people have creditcards and you need one for funding on Kickstarter.

    I don't have any contacts at all abroad, and since I am a bit of a technonoob, I can't seem to get attention on Kickstarter.

    Can someone help me getting some people on my page fast?

    Here is the link:

    With kind regards,

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    Good ideas!

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    What happened to the campaign?

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    Our project has been canceled, because it was highly likely we would not meet our goal. But, we will be back soon! We've done some research and now know why we didn't have many backers for our project. Our goal was too high, we didn't promote our project beforehand and the rewards were not interesting enough. We will improve all these elements so next time we will have higher chances of succeeding.
    Do you want to know when this will happen? Then:

    Like our Facebookpage:

    Follow us on Twitter (@brankiegames)

    Thank you so much for checking out our project and see you soon!

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