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    Trading and selling backer data (Kickstarter/Indiegogo)

    I've been working on a large number of kickstarter campaigns over the last few years and I've managed to collect a huge amount of backer data. I started with my own campaigns and I've managed to grow my collection of backes to 100+ campaigns and 500,000+ backers.

    I've seen websites like krowdster and backersdatabase make a lot of money selling this data but I have not really put it to good use yet...

    I was wondering if anyone else does a similar thing? What are the most effective (and legal ways) to use this data?

    Does anyone have any tips on how to grow their databases?

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    Do like standard mailing list companies do: sell per backer, and the more data (fields) for each backer then the more it costs.

    An important data point is the category of thing that they back (clothing, games, gardens, etc)

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    I guess selling backer data (data mining) is not illegal. But once your backers know this, the impact it may cost you, maybe tremendous. Just sharing my personal thought.

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