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    Writing Course For Beginners Needs Your Help

    We're producing a course for new writers and we need a bit of help to raise the quality of our course.

    I would very much appreciate if you helped our cause. We offer coupons to our backers (even 100% OFF) and our campaign will last 30 days. During that period we are writing and rewriting the course materials to improve every aspect of it. We are in need of almost $2000 and any donation will be very much appreciated.

    If you don't feel like donating, sharing our campaign among friends and family members would be helpful as well.

    Please, check it out here:

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    We have our blog on the same subject and this is to offer you some insight in our work. We're new on the market and we're in the process of registering our domain, until then it's a wordpress blog. This is not a promotion, just an insight for you:

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    Just to follow up on my previous posts - we would appreciate any kind of comment that could help us improve our pitch.
    Thank you

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    This post has been moved to the General Crowdfunding Questions + Discussion section.

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    Thank you. Sorry for putting it in a wrong section

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    What kind of writing are we talking about? Creative or academic or?

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    Hi, thank you for your interest. This course is for creative writing, but hopefully in the future we'll cover academic writing as well.

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    Thank you for your response, appreciate it!

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    Quite impressive. I could share this one. Perhaps someone may be interested.

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    Dear WritertoWriter,

    Are you seeking only help in funding are even assistance in rewriting your courses?

    Thanks and regards,
    Man Anonymous

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