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    Opportunity for rejected/unsuccessfully funded or brand new crowdfunding projects.

    Classical crowdfunding is lovely, but itís heavily centralized with all the consequences - itís hard to submit a project and many promising projects may get rejected. There is always a decision of a single person or a small group of people prior to your idea can get before the crowd. There is always an apparatus before the crowd, which doesnít make sense, if we want the crowd to decide, which idea is good and which is not. And for some, even a small crowd of a few people can make a difference for their idea and even in their lives.

    Me and my team are giving the world a non-profit platform, where any idea gets submitted instantly, without a centralized authority and people decide how good the idea is and how capable the team behind it is by funding projects and voting with their money. When a project is submitted, itís automatically published with a public bitcoin address and people supporting the idea make transactions straight to the wallet of beneficiary.

    Basically it is a platform where anyone in the world can start to raise money in minutes for their idea without any fees and without a centralized authority - I want to invite all of you to participate and list your projects on No fees. No central authority. Get listed instantly. Also, I want to reach out with this opportunity to all the rejected and unsuccessfully funded projects so that they could get another chance - does anyone know where I can find some sort of list/directory or forum that is dedicated to this cause?

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    Quote Originally Posted by repsis16 View Post
    people supporting the idea make transactions straight to the wallet of beneficiary.
    This is a bad idea. You need to look at it from a Supporters point of View. He/She does not know the people behind the project nor if it even gets funded successfully. Some projects need capital to start production (which is the whole point of Crowdfunding. Getting the capital to start production). If you allow Backers to sent money directly to the project, you risk that the project never get's funded in the first place, because not enough people pledge for the idea. This means your money is gone, regardless, and you likely will never receive the product you pledged for.

    I would reconsider this strategy before making it public because in my opinion it's doomed to fail. You are have a "trust" issue with possible supporters.

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