I came to Russia 2.5 years ago to earn money but I not able to earn money lied to me. A few months I realized that Russia is not for me and decided to go home. But I can't just go back home, I had to do something for my family to make my family proud of me and decided to go home by bike. A distance of 5000 km. For financial support, I have created a page on the website gogetfunding.com please read my story and share on Facebook and Twitter. If you're reading this please don't leave just leave comments for support. I sent many messages on Facebook eventually, Facebook blocked my account now I can't share your story. Please help spread my story! !https://gogetfunding.com/5000-km-on-the-bike/
Thank you to all those who support me!
(((Please forgive me for mistakes in text, I don't know English language, story written using the Google translator)))