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    fulfillment / international shipping options

    Hi there,

    we are planning our project right now and struggle with the correct pricing of the perks. We plan to fulfill "worldwide" ideally we like to use a fulfillment centers in Europe and the US. However, the international shipping is still rather expensive. For example if we sent to a US based fulfillment center, shipping to Canada would also cost 14$ which is not necessarily a bargain and we cannot sent inventory to all fulfillment center in countries the backers live in.

    What would be the best option / location to have a "low cost" international shipping rate. Let's say one location in the Americas able to fulfill South / Central / North America? Suggestions for Warehouse / Fulfillment services with Kickstarter experience would be appreciated

    What are the experiences here. Our perks are never larger than 1kg....

    The other option would be to either lower the perk prices and increase shipping prices OR have higher perk prices and lower shipping costs...or even free shipping.


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    I would just ship directly to the customer.

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    Recently I looked into to possibly shipping a bunch of pre-packaged and addressed product to a friend in the UK. To have him in turn send out from there.

    But I looked into actual pricing to France and Italy from there and it was almost as much as just sending from here in the USA. We seem to have some pretty good rates shipping to another company compared to any other country sending to another country.

    Has anyone found differently?
    I was looking at packages in the 8oz-1lb size.


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    Here's a shipping service with some great benefits: It's called FIMS 'FedEx International Mail Service'

    It's a FedEx air shipping service. It delivers packages to local post offices from a FedEx aircraft, which the P.O. then delivers locally.

    Cheap, with an added bonus it minimizes duty and custom fees on overseas deliveries.

    How cheap? Here's one seller's experience shipping his product:

    ~ USPS - $13.75
    ~ FIMS - $ 4.00

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    If the product is lightweight product(less than 0.5 kg), the shipping cost is quite cheap by postage or direct line service compared with Express service.
    If the product is heavyweight products(More than 1 kg), the shipping cost is cheap than Express. Due to the product itself is heavy weight, the shipping cost by postage or direct line are not cheap.

    We're a 3PL provider with more than 40 shipping solutions in Shenzhen, China who can help our customers(E-commerce seller, crowdfunding creators, Online sellers etc.) to store the stock in our warehouse and fulfill and ship the orders and parcels from China to your end customers worldwide.

    Supposed the weight of a single unit with package bag is around 100 gram. Below are some countries where customers come from. Shipping cost is charged by the parcel weight by gram.

    1. It includes all the cost, shipping cost from China to destination by door to door service, fulfillment cost and packaging materials etc.
    2. Due to it is lightweight product, more than 98% are free of duty and tax
    3. All are full tracked service
    4. Delivery time: 1-2 weeks (Natural Day)

    Country Solution Deliver time Parcel weight cost/parcel
    United States US Direct line 7-14 days 0.1kg $3.80
    United Kingdom UK Direct line 6-12 days 0.1kg $4.40
    Canada CA Direct line 8-14 days 0.1kg $6.00
    Australia AU Direct line 8-12 days 0.1kg $5.80
    Singapore SG Direct line 6-12 days 0.1kg $4.00
    Germany DE Direct line 6-12 days 0.1kg $4.30
    Netherlands NL Direct line 6-12 days 0.1kg $5.00
    France FR Direct line 6-9 days 0.1kg $5.90
    Malaysia MY Direct line 6-12 days 0.1kg $3.50

    Hopefully we can have chances to talk further or maybe you just need a fulfillment service?



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    I'm in a similar situation and find it very confusing. Glad to see I'm not alone.

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