INDIEGOGO - Bamboo Beach Resort

I am looking for support lenders to assist me in taking this project to the next level.

"The Bamboo Beach Resort" project is a unique opportunity to purchase a resort property at 55% of its market value. The current "as is" value for this resort property is over $1,200,000.00 USD and I have the opportunity to close on this property for a deposit of $300,000.00 USD plus a 10 year private mortgage of $3,600.00 USD a month. I would prefer the whole project funded, but we can make it work ANY way that is possible to secure the land, secure the investor, and move this forward into a profitable project.

The property is currently held in a corporation and will have shares transferred to the buying group to give security on their support.

The resort is described as follows:

7 Acre beautifully manicured property with over 1000 feet of lagoon front land. The beach front comprises of 2 large pool areas, with a boat dock attached to the mason rock swimming areas. Outdoor amenities include outdoor 20 person hot tub, outdoor kitchen with SS BBQs, Pizza Oven, Fire pit, 5 Beach Cabanas, 1 - 75 person capacity restaurant. Expanded and utilized properly, this location could easily increase in value to over $2,000,000 USD in just 3 years. This resort was privately built and maintained over the last 10 years, but never opened to public.

The intended products and services

Metaphysical Retreat
Holistic and Spa Retreat
Alternative Medicinal Retreat
Corporate Retreats
Mission Groups
Private Groups
Executive Kitchen
Day use recreation Spa, beach, restaurant

With the ExPat pressure in the area to purchase land and develop, it is now the time to take this project off the back burner and get involved as the area starts to grow.

This project will require an additional 10 Casitas and some renovations to existing structures on the property. The value listed is inclusive of the additions and renovations.

I am looking for long term supporters who wish to have their money work for them over a 2 to 3 year period before reaping their returns. For those wishing to be involved at a corporate level, please contact me directly.

Todd Ingram