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    What are the five keys to fundraising ?

    Key #1: Integrate Offline and Online Efforts
    - Itís only been a year since equity crowdfunding became legalóbut itís already changing the fundraising landscape. Weíre moving towards a world where an investment-ready company has the ability to reach several thousand potential backers in a single day.

    Key #2: Follow The Leader
    Investors trust other investors more than they trust entrepreneurs.As such, who else is investing in a startup is one of the more powerful signals you can send. Itís an important way to attract new investors. Itís social proof.

    Key #3: Leverage The Power of Story
    Inexperienced fundraisers often spend all their time trying to convince the rational brain to invest. But there is more to the story.Startups and entrepreneurs who excel at fundraising arenít just the ones with the best traction or the most experienced management teamótheyíre often great storytellers.

    Key #4: Lower Investment Minimum, Raise Funding Conversion
    Something exciting happens when the minimum requirement for investing in a startup falls from where it used to beĖ say $50,000 or $100,000 Ė to where it is today: $5,000.This combination allows startups to lower their minimum investment amount and enables them to take funding from a larger pool of potential investors.

    Key #5: When In Doubt, Execute
    What do investors value above all else? Execution. Set goals, achieve goals, repeat
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    Great tips! Thanks for sharing

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    There are a few rules that the best fundraisers follow. I'll list them below along with 1-2 examples that would fit:

    1. Make Sure Everyone Benefits
    A really successful fundraiser doesn’t just reach the goal amount that you’re trying to raise (though that’s definitely important!) but also engages the entire community. That happens when the fans and local businesses donating to your fundraiser are participants in the fundraiser.
    Ex: Benefit Night at a Local Restaurant
    A great way to do this is to involve local businesses in your fundraiser. Is there is a nice restaurant in town that would be willing to host a benefit night for your team? See if they’ll agree to donate a portion of their sales for a particular night. In this case there’s actually a three way benefit here. You not only get the dollars you’re looking to raise but you also develop a relationship with a local business that you can use in the future. The “customer” gets a good meal and the added bonus that they are supporting a local business
    2. Know Your “Customer”
    In order to get that money to help your team, you also need to know a little about the people who might be donating in order to gear your fundraisers towards different audiences. And, the truth is that you know more than you might realize
    Community Yard or House Work

    If you’re the coach of a football team, then you have at least a dozen young men who are strong and full of energy (unless you run a senior’s league, then maybe this one isn’t the best option for you). Get your guys together and send them out to the community to help with miscellaneous house/yard work. The great thing about this is that it can be either a one-time event where say, Saturday, October 10 your guys will be available to work. Or it could be an ongoing thing. You could choose to let the “customer” set their price or you could have an “hourly rate.” This is also a great way to build ties with the community.

    3. Play to Your Team’s Strengths
    When planning your fundraiser keep in mind the specific abilities and talents that your players have. The yard work idea is a good example of this because it uses your team’s physical strength and ability for the fundraiser. It’s always good to get the actual players involved in raising money for the team and it’s especially helpful when you organize the event around their strengths.

    And again, double down - you’ve got everybody in one place at one time and they’re looking to participate and have fun. Use that opportunity to incorporate other ideas into the night like raffling off prizes, having small “side show” competitions that people need to buy into like a strength contest, or goofy relay race.

    Be creative and talk with your team, think through these principles, and use some of these ideas if they work for you.

    And good luck!

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    On what platfrom are most crowdfunding based? i mean technically?

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