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    Crowdfunding is it for me?

    The attraction of property crowdfunding is clear: although property investing has traditionally delivered a return, it can be an expensive and time-consuming business. Typically, investors need a hefty cash deposit plus eligibility for a buy-to-let mortgage. They also need to have the time to maintain a property and manage tenants; property crowdfunding websites such as Yields certainly circumnavigates these issues.

    So maybe crowdfunding is for you, and maybe it isnít. But one thing is for sure, the ability to invest in property and see a return, without having to do any of the legwork, is certainly a reality. Invest, Grow, Yield.
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    Fact is, we are living in a very exciting moment. With a democratization of the private market for everyday investors and angels—the winners will be:

    Entrepreneurs who will have more sources and channels for finding capital then ever before
    Value add investors who use the crowd to support targeted deals – the VCs and Angels that can lead the crowd
    Platforms that can leverage data and information in order to drive efficiency and capture users – both investors and entrepreneurs

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    Well, the question is interesting and the argument is not easy.

    The possibility of obtaining funding for projects, without going through the difficulties of market logic is one of the most interesting aspects of the Internet world, often the only solution against the mental closure of certain institutions.
    I speak of experience of my work in the field of art and culture: in Italy, credit for activities and projects of this type is always minimal, if not nil.

    The only problem, in my opinion, is that a project can be successful even if it is not valid when it becomes viral; while a valid project may not be successful because it does not become viral.

    In this way, you are likely to reward mediocrity (because it is presented better) and to discourage excellence (because it is presented worse)

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    Sometimes it sounds as a rhetorical question
    Cause crowdfunding is a kind of investments and the main rule of investing is "Don't put your money to the branches that are unknown to you".
    Thus some of the crowdfunding projects will be always risky, some of them - profitable. I don't know if it could be your life-style. But it's promising for sure

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