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    'The Weitz Method'

    "The traditional way of learning the piano can be daunting. The Weitz Method is almost instant! Itís absolutely incredible." -Grammy-Award winner Dionne Warwick
    The Weitz Method, created by Andrew Weitz, a Juilliard-educated professional musician, is based on a revolutionary method of music notation called Weitz Notation that allows students to play piano in minutes. Once a student learns the basics of The Weitz Method, they will have the ability to play any song in Weitz Notation. Andrew Weitz wants to bring The Weitz Method to people all over the world via downloadable video lessons.

    Why 'The Weitz Method'
    • 'The Weitz Method' works by breaking down each song into simple notation using familiar shapes. No need to spend hours learning how to read music!
    • 'The Weitz Method' gives you the freedom to learn the songs you choose immediately. Say goodbye to the typical beginner tunes and hello to your favorite pop melody.
    • With the funds to purchase song rights, 'The Weitz Notation Library' has the potential to grow exponentially.

    Let's face it: you're busy! With responsibilities, friends and family, your time is at a premium. You deserve the freedom to pursue your passion for music at your own pace. That's why 'The Weitz Method' will consist of a downloadable material that's always ready when you are.

    For more information or to donate, click the link below!

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    This is really really cool. Being a musician that never learned how to read sheet music this is a great idea. Good Luck!!!

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