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    Introducing Cable Label - Checkout our Kickstarter

    Please checkout and share our Kickstarter. I have already started sharing other Kickstarters I have seen listed here. Let me know what you guys think.

    Let me know if you share (and where you shared) my Kickstarter on Twitter or Facebook and I will do the same. I have 4 commercial domains that have 1000+ visitors a day and 500+ Facebook followers (i.e. and

    Cable Label - One simple solution for two common problems!
    A reusable cable label for easy identification and eliminating a tangled mess.

    Cable Label -Kickstarter
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    Hi, great idea, I have just shared your idea on my tweet.

    I have just launched a project too. Check it out for the ergonomic travel pillow packs down to 30% of its size!.

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    This is a much needed product in our world!

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    Thanks for that feedback. Feel free to lend a hand to our Kickstarter
    Cable Label -Kickstarter
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    Lydiaw, I just re-tweeted your Kickstarter. Great idea I have lost 2 of my favorite travel pillows, trying to tie them to my suitcase.
    Cable Label -Kickstarter
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    Great idea with lots of different uses.. nice project.
    Best of luck with it.
    Support the Founded in Scotland initiative:

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    That was a great idea and product! I'm sorry you didn't reach your goal Will you be planning on relaunching?
    VARIANT Watch Co.
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    Yes, we plan on re-launching after building more online support. Love to hear from those willing to pledge.

    We were surprised at low webpage traffic turn-outs shown by Google analytics. Wish we also knew how much app traffic there was also.
    Cable Label -Kickstarter
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    Yeah I'm seeing campaign cancelled. If you relaunch, let us know if we can help.
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    Very fascinating my friend, goodluck

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