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    Rock generation festival launches on kickstarter lets rock to make a difference

    Rock Generation was established by two ordinary people with a vision. Our vision is that charity starts at home but it should’t end there. We believe that ordinary people like us can achieve extraordinary things with the right idea and the support from like minded people, celebrities and businesses. Rock Generation wants to be an inspiration to other businesses by showing them that donating money is just as important as making it. This is why the company will donate half of all our profits to Save The Children and Cancer Research U.K. We would like to make a difference on a grand scale, that’s why we are including in our donation not just ticket sale profits but profit from the entire event such as merchandise sales, pitch hire fees to food and drink businesses, glamping etc. Any sponsorship or donation that Rock Generation receives will make a great impact on the final figure raised for those two worthy causes.

    By keeping half of the profits we will be able to make this festival a self sufficient event, run it annually and support two different charities each year. The success of this event is crucial as it will allow us to raise the percentage going to the charities for the next year’s event and the event after etc.

    Rock Generation lives and breathes Rock Music and we will be right there in the crowd with you. And during that moment while you’re watching The Foo’s teaching you to fly, The Offspring smashing Self Esteem, Green Day taking you down that boulevard or taking the runaway train with Soul Asylum you will be saving people’s lives all over the globe!

    Our appeal to you is please, please donate as much or as little as you can afford to be able to make this festival happen!
    Thank you!

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