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    How do I get strangers to notice my crowdfunder?

    Is it ethical to reach out to people that have exceeded their goal on their campaigns and ask them to help me out? I'm getting desperate. I started a campaign on plumfund a month ago which expires on the 30th of this month initially for US$1000, and then reduced it to US$500 but haven't gotten a single donation. I'm a single mom in East Africa trying to get back on her feet. It's fair to say people in my circle aren't able to help, so I relied on compassion from strangers. I don't know where I went about it wrong.

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    These are some of the things that can be done during the last few days of a crowdfunding campaign:

    Recap progress: Campaigns that have posted more than 25 updates have raised upwards of 400% of their fundraising goal. On your last day, it is absolutely crucial that you share your campaign progress and remind contributors why their support is vital to your organization’s success. After all, it is the last day for contributors to donate. Present the sense of urgency that comes with the end of a campaign. Thank all your backers and supporters, and also ask them for help to spread the word around as well.

    Reward contributors
    : Introducing new rewards or bringing back popular perks are great ways to re-engage your crowd. Providing incentives to donors who match certain amounts will certainly attract donors. It will also help you make that final push a memorable one. Rewards are especially helpful in thanking your contributors for all the support they have shown. You can also make good use of previous backers by introducing some reward, like mentioning them on social media, for bringing in new donors.

    Take it offline: Since these are the last days of the campaign, you would know exactly the amount left to be raised and the time left to do so. Social media platforms can help you reach out to people, but it doesn’t guarantee how many of them will respond. You can have an offline flash donation drive at a popular public place. And you can have some friends help you with this to replicate the drive at multiple locations.

    Make it personal: Another task that you can schedule for the last day is sending out emails or direct messages to people you know. Make the appeal a very personal one, telling them the difference between the amount raised and the target amount. Tell them how much important the project is for you and how much more appreciable their contributions would be.

    Realtime updates: Even as you are busy doing all the tasks that need to be done today, it is also important for someone to give realtime updates of social media continuously. These updates can be in intervals of an hour or every time a significant amount is donated to the campaign. Continuous engagement with the followers in a gamified way often prompts them to participate and play along, and contribute!

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    There is list of 7 places to promote your crowdfunding compaign:
    2. Submit a Free Pressrealese

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    There are so many platforms you can promote your campaign. reddit, fastlane, investorhub, producthunt, startup nations, start ups, etc.
    There are othe social media platforms like facebook, twitter, etc. even blogs.
    Spend money to promote!!

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