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    Seedrs - Kulea Marketing Automation

    Kulea's been 2 1/2 years in the making, £260k on development, and is now live, with an affordable, powerful but user friendly marketing automation solution built from the ground up for SMEs. does for Marketing Automation what MailChimp does for email marketing; but where email stops, we’re just getting started...

    Every small business marketer has been there; hearing fantastic tales of success attributed to Marketing Automation, whilst secretly gritting their teeth in frustration at their own seeming inability to take advantage of this powerful technology.

    When Marketing Automation works, it yields amazing results, with 80% of users seeing their number of leads increase, and 77% seeing the number of customer conversions rise, but until now, Marketing Automation implementation has been the preserve of big businesses with deep pockets - only 5% of small businesses ($5m - $20m annual revenue) have adopted the technology, compared to 60% of large businesses (>$500m annual revenue).

    That sucks.

    We're here to level the playing field, giving SMEs access to this powerful technology, and in doing so, filling a gap in a market predicted to be worth $10.8 billion next year.

    We're looking to exit within 3 years, with 5,600 customers (just 0.001% of the UK SME market place) and a valuation of £160m (based on a PE ration of 8.2:1). We'd love to hear your thought on our campaign, and would welcome you getting involved, investing or simply sharing the love via

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    Neat, thanks!

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