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    Kyokushin Karate Manga Textbook

    Hi, this is our first Kickstarter campaign and it is harder then i thought. The whole feedback to this project is awesome in the Karate world, everybody loves it, shares and like. But the payment is not the best I think it is because of the payment methods Kickstarter has, only credit card. Not everybody has credit card.

    This is our idea:

    The main idea is to develop a Kyokushin textbook for all junior karate fighters. Kids love to read manga comics, so what could be better as creating an educating story about the kyokushin way. Each book will contain the techniques for the next grading test, combined with a nice story about the philosophy of karate, explained and drawn in typical Japanese manga style.

    We want to replace old illustrated karate encyclopedias with these new modern textbooks. Not only the junior fighters liked that idea, even the master classes we interviewed before were excited about it.

    It is also the perfect present for your children, a great technique guide, Karate encyclopedia and a motivation to go on with your training and reach the next level.

    We already made some polls to the community, and without exception everybody likes it, so what could be the problem?! only the payment method?!
    What do you think?

    Thanks Best

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    This seems awesome!!!

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    It's really good idea for the karate lovers! Best of luck!

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    Beautiful work! Best of luck.

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