Hello, my name is CeeCee Brown I'm currently transitioning from male to female and struggling to raise the funds for my laser hair removal.

Being transgender you have to deal with body image on a daily basis. When we look at our bodies we often see parts of it we wish we could change. It often causes me severe anxiety, and sadness in public situations. I have spent years in therapy trying to combat the feelings I have. Often, these feelings can be alieviated with medication, and horome replacement therapy, however, there are certain things that hormones can not completely change. My greatest discomfort is face and body hair. After speaking with specialists about laser hair removal I feel that it is the best option to better my situation. Having laser hair removal would significantly improve my self-esteem, and mental well being.

At the moment I am having to shave my face and body multiple times a day just to feel okay to leave the house. If I were to receive laser hair removal I know my confidence would increase greatly. Laser hair removal will give me the chance to thrive in my friendships, goals, and talents.

Unfortunately, this procedure is expensive and I cannot fully cover the cost. I have set up this page to ask for your help to reach my goal. Any size donation will really make a difference for me. The laser hair removal process takes multiple sessions to be effective. Often this process takes months to obtain desired results making it very difficult to afford on a limited budget.I feel this would help me become the person I wish to be and I would be eternally greatful to any support.

Thank you so much for supporting me