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    Playing Cards For Tiny Hands

    Hi all! I launched a Kickstarter campaign 10 days ago and am 65% toward my goal with 20 days to go! A bit about the product:

    Playing Cards For Tiny Hands is a politically satirical deck of playing cards--totally a novelty item. The deck is slightly smaller than a standard size poker deck and features 53 notable public officials and world leaders. The cards hold NO bias. All the personalities have silly expressions; democrats, republicans, and independent politicians alike. This is not anti-Trump merchandise. I just wanted to make light of a fairly hostile election year. Can't we all just laugh and play cards now? lol

    I also introduced a larger size deck: Playing Cards For Bigly Hands. It is much larger than a standard size poker deck. Same people, just a different size deck.

    Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the cards! Don't take offense from them--it's only satire.


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    Did you simply google the drawings or...?

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    Grubbster: No, I did not find the drawings on Google. These are sketches I did over 6 months--mostly over lunch hours. I did, however, use a plethora of photos to inform the drawings themselves. You can't detail a likeness this closely without strong reference. I watch far too much news and many were drawn while watching live TV.

    Here's a shot of my studio and the photos I paste around for each drawing I work on. Hope this satisfies the "or...?"

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    Not sure if it's been decided, but The Mooch as the 10 of Spades would be quite fitting, imo, in honor of his short tenure. Mind if I mention this in my KS? Trying to make an online community for tabletop/card gamers and it's all about promoting creativity. Love the art-work. Good luck on your campaign.

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    Thank you AroundTheBoard! I wouldn't mind if you mentioned this on your KS. What is your product/campaign url?

    I'd also be interested to know where the online community you're hoping to form will be. FB?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TinyHandsCards View Post
    Thank you AroundTheBoard! I wouldn't mind if you mentioned this on your KS. What is your product/campaign url?

    I'd also be interested to know where the online community you're hoping to form will be. FB? - I'm going to launch my own website. I have the domain registered and reserved, I just need to finish setting it up and get web-hosting. The videos will probably just go on YT for everybody, but the website/community will be a membership kinda thing. People can still see it, register and use parts for free, but only Members will be able to advertise, get featured in "community spotlight" videos, and allowed an to advertise their projects and other services with impunity.

    FB has some awesome communities, there's a few good subreddits out there and a bunch of other services and things people use. I don't think there's any sort of directory for them (you'd need to know what to search for) and most of all, it's so damn hard for creative individuals - KS or not - to reach a wide audience of like-minded people to advertise services, like painting minis or local game meet-ups.

    The webseries portion will be dedicated to other people playing, for the most part.

    Right now, it's just me, a single camera and KS project (that went live too early I think). My pledge goal is rather low compared to other Film/Video projects on KS, and if I can just get a few more cameras and awesome web-hosting, I can do so much more for the community/industry, like travel to other cities in order to highlight their local tabletop scenes.

    I'm based in San Antonio, TX, and there's an extremely big tabletop/card game community. Still getting the trust of some local retailers (we just met) but they'll see what I can offer and I'll some cool videos and community highlights very soon.

    Even if you just put this link on your FB page, any exposure helps and thanks for even just looking at it. I've got your link here in the forums, and I'm going to make an update on my KS. I have a very small, if any, audience right now, but I'm still going to put it out there and try. Never know who I might reach with it.

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    It's awesome! Glad to see your campaign succeeded. Best of luck with your card game, @TinyHandsCards!

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    Wow! I wish you well with that!

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    i really like this idea, shame i missed it.

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