Well, first things first: KS Campaign Link

For reference, when I say "tabletop games" I mean literally anything you play on a tabletop - cards, dice, dominoes, chess, checkers, board games, Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, etc.

I've been active in many tabletop communities, but have found there's no consolidated place that supports gamers as individuals, especially when it comes to Kickstarters for new board and card games. Many sites and groups see it as shameless self-promotion, but I understand its simply an expensive hobby. Some people are also rude by dropping a link/ad and leaving with no discussion. That irritates me as well. I want to host a dedicated platform for gamers to promote anything and everything they do. From finding new players nearby for game groups to advertising services provided by individuals in the community.

Furthermore, the available online platforms seem to be lacking in many ways. FB groups just don't reach enough and are difficult to moderate - most don't allow advertising. Reddit has too many subgroups. BGG has a wealth of information, but doesn't allow promoting, like creative services (custom character sheets, for example).

The biggest issue I see game-designers having is a way to reach play-testers and a way for play-testers to reach designers. I want to alleviate that problem by facilitating as much as possible while also giving individuals an easy-to-reach audience of like-minded board and card gamers.

As for the webseries portion, the best vision I can provide with words is a mix between reality TV and televised poker. The TV-poker part in the sense that there will be many angles, top-down view of the playing area, commentary, on-screen graphics showing game details and so forth. The pacing would be much faster and probably not live. The reality-TV portion comes in because the people playing won't be hired actors/players, and I want to do interviews and breakaways so viewers have a deeper understanding of the nuances in gameplay, strategy, or the thoughts of the players themselves. There's some good webseries out there already that do reviews and the like, but none that go in-depth with strategy, analysis of individual matches or game theory itself.

If all you can offer is a feedback and a sharing of the link, I would greatly appreciate any form of support. If you have a tabletop-related project, feel free to share it with me and I'll pass the link on. My audience in currently limited, but your project will not be forgotten once the online portion is live. If you are part of a local gaming community already, Around the Board is happy to promote your endeavors.

My project is not just to make content I want to make and play games with my friends: I want to travel, highlight other gaming communities, gaming events, conventions, YouTubers, other tabletop series, minis-painters, and promote tabletop and card games in all aspects.

Dreaming big, the community will be global and help to promote the gaming services and efforts of individuals in the community.

Thank you for reading. I am quite active online and will do my best to answer as quickly as possible. I do have a job and other responsibilities, but typically takes me less than a day to respond if I'm not at my PC when you reply.

I thrive on feedback and interaction, so please don't hesitate to ask questions or start a discussion, even if it's just about games!