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    Empower unemployable graduates to find employment

    Your contribution can help an unemployed graduate find a job.

    Help us reach 100000 contributors.

    We have professional lives and are working hard to make progress. How would we know the trials and tribulations of those who are still struggling to get their first job, let alone a career?

    As per research, of the 20.32 million graduates who graduate every year in India; almost 50% .ie. 10.16 million Graduates are “unemployable” since they lack the necessary skills required by the employers.

    Join us in creating an e-learning platform where unemployed / under-employed graduates can acquire skills which will help them find a job.

    You can contribute by any or all of the below:

    • Contribute funds through your Debit / Credit / Net Banking at
    • Forward this email to all your contacts and request them to contribute and spread the word around
    • Share this message in your Social Media Accounts and Whatsapp group: "Help us reach 100000 contributors to help "unemployable" graduates find meaningful jobs. Visit and contribute"

    “Feed a man a fish, you feed him for a day; teach him to fish and you feed him for life”

    Contribute your share to help us "teach them fishing".

    Thanks and regards,
    Man Anonymous

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    This post has been moved to the Charity/Cause/Nonprofit Projects section.

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    helpful info !

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