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    Sparing 120 unsold books from destruction - and 1 could be yours

    Hello! It's been a few years since I've been here.

    Link: Getting 120 Books Back From The UK (Gofundme)

    Longer description:

    If you have a long memory you might remember my Kickstarter campaign for The Gift-Knight's Quest, my first book. It was a successful one, though to be honest with what I've learned now I wouldn't have gone the route that I went and would have worked with CreateSpace instead. The services I purchased with the funds did result in a well designed paperback, great cover formatting, great interior layout, and a lot of distro work I didn't have to do myself. The book isn't a quick seller.

    This also led to my current predicament. I had a two year contract with that company to warehouse these books after printing, and about 50% of the stock moved before the contract was up. The book having not sold well, they can't from a business standpoint justify keeping all the remaining volume (141 books) when they have new books to promote and warehouse.

    So I was offered a range of options, on the one end of the spectrum having to pay to ship all the books here to Canada from the UK, and on the other end, paying for nothing yet they destroy the books. We've presently agreed to an option where I have to pay to ship 120 books over to me, and the company will agree to keep and attempt to sell the left-over 21 for some unspecified time.

    This campaign has a goal about 10 times smaller than my Kickstarter, but it does offer rewards. If you'd like more than either a digital or paper thank-you, I think it's fitting that people who are saving books should have the opportunity to own a piece of what they just saved. There's an option for getting a copy of the book if you chip in at least $15. If 25 people do that, which is a pretty substantial number in my view, that would cover the goal without any other donations being required and still leave 95 copies outstanding that I can continue to sell in-person at book fairs and events. I understand some of you are more business-minded, and can't help but ask what the return is for you, in which case I would point to that $15 reward tier as the one option where you get a return for your money and help me at the same time. Books are the one thing I have in surplus right now, so this is what I have to offer. I will personally autograph your copy.
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