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    The smallest Folded Bike


    We have launched a campaign for a crowdfunding. The product is an innovation for the ebike. It is new mode of transport. An Electric Bike That Goes 12 mph and Fits In Yout Backpack? Yes, Smacircle does. Because it is the first eBike that fits In Your Backpack...Wooo,,,Can you imagine that?
    You could learn more information in the website. ➜

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    Looks good, the link you posted wasn't live on the post so here it is:

    Can we help? We worked on the Kwiggle folding bike and the eFOLDi folding scooter campaigns. Perhaps we can get in touch and help.
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    Ok...Thank you for your help. And I am so sorry to attach our project on hyperstarter, which support the Kickstarter project, but indiegog not. I have to find another tools..Thanks !

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