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    Fund Christian Festival: Music, Speakers, etc. All Glorifying God


    I know Jamie Slocum and Third Day and Bruce Carroll personally. Look them all up. Bruce Caroll has came to my church and wants to help me with my festival. He has connections to artists and their numbers. I can get them and David Meece and Wayne Watson, Nichole Nordeman, Mark Schultz, Greg X Volz (original lead singer of Petra), Cheri Keaggy, Bryan Duncan, etc easily to my festival they've all expressed interest. I can also easily get some God anointed speakers to my festival and some Christian comedians and some Christian entertainers such as jugglers and magicians. I thought God told me to do this. I already have a Christian radio sponsor in Northern Arizona lined up that said they were 100% on board. I'm blown away. I hate waiting until the end of September when they said they will be done with their fall drive and can move with becoming a sponsor. I'm ready to book some people today that have expressed interest. I'm just lacking the funding. I have the City of Williams, Arizona approval. Williams is outside the Grand Canyon. They call it the Gateway to the Grand Canyon. The stage where this will be will be the outdoor Williams Visitors Center by the Grand Canyon Railway. By sowing into my project you are sowing into God's kingdom. I'm ready to start booking today! I don't want to wait where they book elsewhere. We want people traveling through town which in June the town triples in population and with radio sponsor many will come out. We want tourists from Phoenix and Tucson along with world travelers hopping the Grand Canyon Railway Train and driving to the Grand Canyon to stop and be blessed by anointed preaching, maybe come to salvation and knowledge of Him and turn back to Him or get a closer walk with Him. We are strategically only hiring Christians to perform. I hope there are enough Christians out there to make my vision a reality! I really don't know how to phrase everything God is doing and doors opening for this project in a forum. But, God is moving. Please bless my vision! God bless you!

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    Good luck with your project. With God all things are possible!

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    Good luck with your project. With God all things are possible!

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