Hello Everyone

Our story is long but I will keep the request short.

In June 2005 a woman called Janet Brown from Hexham in the UK was murdered and her body is still missing. A man was convicted of her murder and sent to jail for 32 years (without parole). Over the years myself and a very small group have been searching the local area to try and find her, but with no luck, The area is vast and remote moorland with 1000's of empty old mine shafts. The local land owner (the Duke of Northumberland or something like that) won't give permission to search. The man who did this to Janet is in jail and probably will die there. I hope so.

The devious murderer is playing a power game and (I also know he has killed more than once I just can't prove it) sits in jail smirking and refuses to tell Police what he did with her body. I have a suspicion that a very select number of this man's local friends may also know where her body is.

I think there is very little chance of ever finding her unless he himself reveals all.

So my possible idea is to Crowd fund to raise the money for a Reward to anyone willing to reveal where Janet Brown is . The reward may also have the effect of "prompting" other prisoners to "help" the murderer reveal where Janet is, This guy is a complete devious soul and very very dangerous. He thinks he is going to have the last laugh but he is not. WE WILL FIND A WAY.

By the way. We are not related to anyone invovled in this case in any way. I just want justice for Janet Brown. Justice that is long long overdue. I hope you can help.

So my questions are~

1. Is it possible to do this?

2, Can it be done anonymously?

As we live in the same area as certain people we need to remain anon if we can.We look forward to your input and replies. Thank you.

If you want to know more about this then please google the name and area mentioned at the top of this post.