I have previously purchased a duplex that I did a lot of repairs to and now has substantial equity and provides me rental income. I would like to continue doing this sort of thing.
My problem is financing. I am self employed and income reported on my taxes is inconsistent and usually pretty low as I typically reinvest my profits. Aside from my existing property I have very substantial holdings in a number of cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, DASH mainly). The bank however does not care about such things and is unwilling to borrow against them.
I have a long history of paying back my loans early, have excellent credit and no issue putting up a substantial down payment.
I have looked at a few sites for crowd funding. They seem to either require the same disclosure as the banks do, suggesting to me I will be denied for the same reasons, or they cap of the loan values at a less than useful level for my purposes. Does anyone here know of an alternative financing method that might work for me?