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    Unhappy How to choose Crowdfunding Platform to improve campaign?

    I am from China. And I have launched a campaign on the Indiegogo. BUT something is not good for us. And I wonder to know what can help us to promote our campaign? And other platform give me a better choice?

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    As with anything else it all depends. I am not going to give you an answer but rather questions that you should think about before moving forward.

    1. Do I have a large enough community that would be able to financially support my product/Idea/Project?

    This question is important because without a large enough community, it might be difficult to raise enough money or create enough interest in your project.

    2. Do you have a business plan that you can show to an investor which contains financial projects for the next few years of your company/idea?

    If you were to go the equity crowdfunding route you would not need as large of a community to support your project, If your business plan is sound investors outside of your network may show interest and want to purchase a part of your company.

    3. (This should be the first question) What is your project? What kind of value does it create?

    Not all projects create a real return, or a tangible product. Some projects create a piece of art that will be enjoyed rather than consumed or owned. The first questions really is the nature of your project.

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    This is why I created my crowdfunding platform. Crowdfunding Platforms are basically online parking lots where you park campaigns. To your chagrin you realize it’s your job to promote it. They are not built to self-fund; my platform is. Hope this helps.
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    I love China. You should research the engineering about your transactions and the plan

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    I am on Indiegogo and have the same problem

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