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    After a Year of Helping Others, Dozens of Posts, & Countless Messages, It's My Turn:

    To say I am nervous is an understatement, but it was time to launch SPoE.

    Thank You all a ton, the feedback here, the people I've seen who helped me avoid potholes, It means the world.

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    Best of luck Pathrunner. I'm happy to check out your project!

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    Yep, good luck! I like the idea, I believe it does have potential! Just keep spreading the word about it
    PM me for free marketing advice to help with your crowdfunding campaign

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    Good luck with this!

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    I belive this project really needs to get funded ! I wish you best of luck and I am more than sure that you will be successfull ! I hope the same for me altough depression is building up every day when I see just 1 $ in my campaign ...

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    Good luck!

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    Helping Hand - where's your profile?

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    Well, I'm gonna post on it shortly, but I pulled the project. I'm goign to relaunch it, but I learned quite a bit.

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    Sorry to hear that, looked really nice - best of luck to you next time!

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    I consider your product really useful. Honestly, it looks convenient and innovated. People will definitely be interested in it, you just need to add one more special interesting feature, in such a way they realize that your idea is worth funding.

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