Hello fellow civilized anthropoids,

My name Jurian van Straaten, I am 25 y/o, live in the most southern part of the Netherlands. The part where the rest of the Netherlands can't decide on if we are more german or more belgian..
I am a aspiring Indie Game Developer, a life time student and have been devoted a (competitive) gamer for aprox. 17 years now. My dad's fault really
But I don't blame him, I've loved it and still do, and probably will never cease to get the thrill out of it.
For some years now, I have been working day in day out to jump the necessary hoops to enable myself a place in the game industry as a designer and developer, among other things.
My competitive thrive has gracefully lead me to be part of two top tier scenes CoD4Promod and Blizzard's Overwatch. I played Overwatch ever since the Closed Beta started until the end of last year and have competed among the best. Which has pushed me to understand the game play and team fight mechanics to a level I can now work out in coding language.
And thus this drove me to create the project called OW Forge.
Which has brought me here, writing this exact introduction.