Hey friends! I just started a Kickstarter for my Ring Company! Video in Kickstarter:


Out of Bloom is a jewelry company based on creating self love, self worth, and confidence. With every jewelry purchase you get a flower seed. Every day you water that seed and say one thing that you love about yourself, you can write that one thing down, you can say it out loud, whatever works best for you. If you continue to water your seed and say different things everyday that you love about yourself, by the time your flower is fully bloomed, your self confidence , your self worth , and your self love will have grown so much, and thats really my goal here.

Every time you look at your piece of jewelry you will be reminded of the beautiful person you really are.

With every jewelry purchase a percentage is donated to the National Eating Disorder Association to help create awareness about Eating disorders and how deadly and common they really are, so not only are you helping yourself by learning to love yourself more fully, but you are also helping others who are silently struggling and donít know how to get help.

You deserve to know How amazing you are, You deserve to love yourself.