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    Fightlings: The Card Game is now on Kickstarter

    Hi there, Sebastian from Thoughtfish here. I just wanted to point you guys to our ongoing Kickstarter campaign for Fightlings: The Card Game and ask for you honest feedback and of course hope you may help spread the word a bit.

    Fightlings is a hybrid of classic pair-matching games and modern card battler mechanics. The result is a unique living card game that rewards memory, planning, and adaptability.
    It features tons of different Champions, Fightlings & Minions, a big bunch of tokens and loads of fun.


    Step 1: Deck Building
    After choosing a faction, players build decks of 17 cards each. Decks must have one Champion pair, at least 2 Minion pairs, and enough Fightling and Effect cards to make a total of 17.

    Step 2: Setting up the Board
    Both decks are shuffled together and placed in a 5x7 formation, with a single wild card added to complete the 35-card board. 2 Minion Cards of each faction are turned face-up in the middle column.

    Step 3: Uncovering Pairs
    Players take turns uncovering cards three at a time in an attempts to match pairs to unlock new effects and combat powers. By uncovering a pair, the player is allowed to uncover an additional card.
    Uncovered effects have an immediate influence on the game. Once a pair is matched, it goes to the corresponding player's Creature Zone, and the creature's ability is triggered. There are various abilities, ranging from direct damage, peeking, granting Victory Points, and shuffling the field to more sophisticated combo effects. The kinds of abilities and strategies you unlock depend on creature and faction.

    Step 4: Fighting
    The moment a player has creatures in his or her Creature Zone, he can start attacking his enemy player or their creatures. As every creature comes with Victory Points, which only count if the creature is still alive at the end of the match, defeating enemy creatures can be a path to defeating the opponent.

    Step 5: Winning
    The game ends when any of the following conditions are met:
    A player loses all his or her health, a player has 15 Victory Point Tokens, or there are no cards left on the board. In our test matches, all three end conditions were frequently achievable, and offered valid strategies for different playstyles.

    If you would like to know more about the game, check out our campaign on Kickstarter:

    Any feedback and questions are welcome!

    Best regards

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    Indian Rummy is also a great game to play online. One can always play rummy game with cash or free as well.

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    Where would this release once created?

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    Sounds great!
    Will this be shipped worldwide?
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    Rummy - Interesting game

    I like to play rummy online for instant cash. I am a big rummy fan as it's a game with big prizes.

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    Card games can be fun as well as you can earn money by playing online.

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    Awesome to see another great card game success on kickstarter! very inspiring to us on our journey.

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