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    How to Build a Business After Your Crowdfunding Campaign?

    The first thing that hits you after your campaign has ended is that suddenly you need to think a bit more long term. Instead of planning in hours and days, you need to start planning in weeks and months. And then you revisit the delivery plan you made before you started your campaign and discover its pretty useless.

    Things can change so much (in our case mainly because of scale) and the extent of the whole thing can look completely different. So, the first thing you realize is: Your delivery plan needs to be rewritten.
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    The best thing to do after crowdfunding is to start selling and hit the market!

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    Right! It's that moment when you realize you are just starting a new process all over again (after being focused on the campaign for soo long). There's some good information on business startups around the web if you google it. For me, the hardest part is marketing. A lot of people are interested in Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects. However, after the newness of the project wears off, it can be hard to attract new customers once you launch your own webstore or amazon listing.

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    Yes, I've gone through this article. Crowdfunding giants like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have been a help to new businesses and entrepreneurs hoping to fund-raise, and enthusiasm, for new items. Kickstarter alone has raised over $2.5 billion for more than 110,000 activities from more than 11.3 million patrons – and Indiegogo isn't a long ways behind.

    For me, these 3 following are the most important factors for Crowdfunding :

    1. Identify your target audience
    2. Set realistic (conservative) fulfillment goals
    3. Promote your project like crazy – before, during and after your launch

    Hope it helps

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    I totally agree with you all but this is my thought,after the successful crowdfunding campaign these are the main steps to follow:
    1.Switch to inDemand
    2.Don't lose sight of your Goal
    3.Keep your Backers Updated
    4.Prepare your Ecommerce site.
    5.Get ready for the Next step-means getting everything in order from shipping and fulfillment to another round of funding.
    6.ship your rewards

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    Good work guys. This is beautiful post in fact.

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