So I have a kickstarter coming up December, and I have a couple of videos of the product that are quite interesting - and I've had 3 different viral video licensing companies ask me to sign over the videos to them for distribution.

My question then, is All exposure good, no matter what??

Because my product is for techno geeks, and I really don't like the idea of my product video's being featured next to "Compilation Of Ingrown Hairs In Girls Leg" or " Daredevil Dressed As Deadpool Wrestles Alligator".

So I'm currently leaning towards ignoring the viral licensing contacts - 3 so far.

Or am I wrong, and all exposure is good??? The stats I've seen so far tells me that all exposure is certainly not equal - and by very large margins - but could this "viral" type of exposure actually be negative for a product launch?

This is it by the way - you can see one of the viral video recruiters comment on the first video..