Greeting to everyone,

I just started a new crowdfunding project on Generosity (powered by indiegogo). My project is about fulfilling a 3 friends dream of travelling in western Europe.

Who are we? Well, we are 3 friends (2 girls 1 boy) dreaming about an European vacation since we were in highschool.

Why? Because travelling is educational, inspiring and just plain fun! We wanted to see from culture and fabulous history to picturesque villages, and charming atmosphere that Western Europe could offer.
But dreaming and actual going are two different things. Although we started to plan it a few months before and we tryied to figure out our best options in order to get a really low-budget trip, our personal funds are still not enough. And this is why we got on Generosity.

Since I'm new to this, I would like to kindly ask for some help promoting the project called "3 friends wishing for a small Eurotrip"

Every little bit counts, we cannot promise anything in return just our sincere gratitude

Thank you.